How to beat AI in voice acting!

This is the story of Cinderella. She came from a faraway land. She was my niece, or was she my brother’s daughter? Actually, when I narrated a children’s toy for Disney of Cinderella, I decided I was Cinderella’s aunt. I thought to myself ‘having a perspective is really going to bring this story to life”. […]

Handling Rejection? Let Go Of Perfect!

You go out you audition and you get rejected, rejected, rejected. You’re a voice actor and you’re doomed!! No you’re not! You can totally handle the rejection if you give yourself some appreciation. What works for me? I have a calendar where I keep track of when I do voiceover jobs. But, ALSO when I […]

How to Sound More Casual in Voiceovers? Lose Control!

How do you sound more casual in your voiceover? Lose control. Are you holding on to sounding perfect? If so, try to let it go, it’s just words. Let them flow. Are you using long-winter pitches that go up for a long period of time or down? Casual is short, it’s playful. It’s not flat, […]

I love doing voiceovers for a good cause! When Blue Star Connection asked me to voice their latest promotion materials, I jumped at the opportunity! My love of voice acting and wish to help make the world a better place came together on this one. As a voice over coach, I spend a lot of time helping others achieve their voice over […]

Voiceover Workshop Testimonial!

Check out this impromptu chat about Rachel Alena’s voiceover workshop (weekly warriors!)

More Ways to Bring in Multiple Streams of Income

There are many ways to bring in income using your voice! Of course, voice over and podcasts are just a few options. You can also host live events, make music, teach others and narrate audiobooks (to name a few). Go out and express yourself. Here’s to sharing your voice with the world!

Determining Rates in Voice Overs. The million dollar question. How much should I charge as a voice actor? It’s important to understand how rates are determined. Typically usage drives rates in vo. This means that WHERE the voice over will be heard and HOW LONG IT WILL AIR…matters.    Now, I realize that in today’s pay-to-play world…..meaning websites where […]

How To Get A Talent Agent-Here’s What You Should Know… When approaching talent agencies, keep the following things in mind: Talent agent rosters are often full. Find a way to fill a niche they need. Voices that are relevant in today’s marketplace have a better shot at getting an agent. Be sure you are prepared and ready when you approach talent agencies. Ready. Aim. […]

How to Develop Characters for Animation in Voice Acting in 4-Steps! Developing voice over characters for animation? Follow these 4-steps to bring your characters to life! Follow the director’s notes Create a backstory for your characters Create vocal traits that match your characters Have fun!

What Makes A Good Voice Over? Blog Post

What makes a good voice over? As one of the experts for I will be answering this question next week. This got me thinking….. What specifically makes one VO better than another? Well, it’s the Secret Sauce. Similar to a tasty bbq, key ingredients make it extra mmm’ mmm’ good. The fact is, if […] Webinar-How to LAND Auditions-Voiceover Expert Rachel Alena webinar with Rachel Alena

Want to LAND auditions and keep ‘em coming back for more? Check out this webinar I did for It’s full of practical and SPECIFIC tools to make it happen! There are two things needed for success as a voice actor. They are: Mastery of Tools Acting Skills It’s easy to wonder why ‘that other voice’ […] Webinar: E-Learning VO Expert Rachel Alena


Webinar Hosted by with eLearning  Expert & Voice Acting Coach Rachel Alena. Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 1:00p EST Available to all current premium members Event Description Voice over actress and coach Rachel Alena has worked with some of the most respected companies in the world, including Procter & Gamble, Old Navy & […]

VOICES.COM Mission Audition featuring Rachel Alena

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Another webinar featuring voice over coach and expert voice talent Rachel Alena! As an expert in eLearning voice over, Rachel and the team evaluate talent and provide feedback. Hear what the clients hear in this webinar!

Podcast with Wendy Vaughan & Rachel Alena

Voiceover coach, Voiceover expert, Voice Talent

Join business expert Wendy Vaughan in this podcast about how to grow a voice over business with voice talent Rachel Alena! Wendy and Rachel dive into the voice over industry and how to overcome adversity to achieve voice over success.

Podcast with Matt Sodnicar & Rachel Alena

Podcast Voice Talent Rachel Alena

In this podcast Matt Sodnicar and voice over coach Rachel Alena break down voice over do’s and don’ts. Voice talent Rachel Alena provides characters and voices as examples of voice over acting technique.

Talent Agencies. What Do They Look For In Voice Talent?

Headshot of Voice Over Coach Rachel Alena

How do I get a talent agent? Here’s something that you should know. Talent agencies want you. They need you, in fact! Talent agencies often accept submissions from many different types of VO voice styles. What are they looking for? 1.  To fill in their roster. Most talent agencies already have a roster of talent. Certain voice role categories […]

Does A Voice Actor Need A Niche? Here’s The Truth…

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I know. You read it online. A VOICE TALENT MUST HAVE A NICHE! Well, I don’t always agree. Here’s why…. 100% True story… Last month, I met a newbie voice talent and we chatted. Here is how the conversation went down: VO Newbie: “I’m so excited! My goal is to become a full time voice […]

Why is one voice actor better than others?

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Say it sisters & brothers! Verbal Communication As a voice actor, it’s my job is to be an EXPERT at verbal communication. That’s right! A master at chatting. The queen of lip flapping. A maestro of spending my days talking to anyone who will listen! Another way of saying it? It’s my job to be […]

Narrate for Animation in 4 Steps! Let’s Talk Pigs.

Screenshot of three pigs video featuring the voice of Rachel Alena

Three pigs and one person? Voice overs for animation. As the voice of the interactive children’s app, The Three Little Pigs, by Irene Deev, I had to be four different people! Or, should I say three different pigs and one person? To do this, I asked myself some questions. Things such as, “What makes each pig unique?” “How is […]

Smooth Narrations. Be an expert voice talent.

Rachel Alena wearing a green shirt standing in front of a microphone

Sound smoother than the other guy! Expert voice talent & coach Rachel Alena provides tips on how to achieve better ‘rhythm & flow’. “I just love this voice talent’s voice.” OR “I could listen to her all day long.” Do YOU want them to say that about YOU? If you do, here’s a hint… Work on your rhythm […]

Branding. Why it’s important.

a close up picture of a horses face

Voice talent Rachel Alena talks about the importance of branding your business. Do you specialize in cleaning horses or houses? Customer: ‘Why sir? What do you do?’ Business Owner: ‘As a matter of fact, I clean things.’ Customer: ‘Most excellent! Please proceed. Clean my horse!’ House. Horse. Does it matter? When you’re not branding yourself, […]