You go out you audition and you get rejected, rejected, rejected. You’re a voice actor and you’re doomed!!

No you’re not!

You can totally handle the rejection if you give yourself some appreciation.

What works for me? I have a calendar where I keep track of when I do voiceover jobs. But, ALSO when I help others with voiceover jobs, because I want to reward myself every single day and a win or a reward doesn’t mean you’ve landed something. It simply means I just did something to move myself forward.

So, for example, if I did two auditions today, that’s a win. If I woke up and got the domain name for my voiceover website, that is a win. Give yourself a thank you, appreciate yourself.

Then when you look back at what you did you can say….I did a lot of stuff. I’m not a doomed voice actor. I’m a successful one!

Questions? Feel free to send me an email at I’m looking forward to helping you share your voice with the world!

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