Sound smoother than the other guy!

Expert voice talent & coach Rachel Alena provides tips on how to achieve better ‘rhythm & flow’.
“I just love this voice talent’s voice.” OR “I could listen to her all day long.” Do YOU want them to say that about YOU? If you do, here’s a hint…
Work on your rhythm & flow!
What is rhythm & flow? Is it like bongo drumming at the local coffee shop? Well…maybe, but that’s not the kind of rhythm & flow you want to use as a voice actor!
If you want good rhythm & flow in voice acting, work on how you break up text.
Gain mastery of: Breath Planning & Control and Intentional Pausing
Breath planning and control
Plan IN ADVANCE where you’re going to breathe and have proper knowledge of breathing techniques.
Here’s an example: You’re hitting the road. Driving from Denver to San Francisco (don’t forget those bongos!). You hop in your car and go. A free spirit!
If you don’t PLAN to bring your wallet or PLAN be sure you have enough funds for gas and lodging, will the trip be smooth?  Maybe, not. The same idea goes for narrating scripts. Plan only to breathe where it makes sense. Is there a comma? A break in the sentence? Does taking a breath make sense within the context of the text or storyline?
Intentional Pausing
Pause only with a purpose! Pay attention to the WHERE and WHY you’re stopping.
Ask yourself: Why am I pausing here? Will it enhance the script or help to tell a better story? Is pausing going to draw out a word or sentence that’s important for the listener to pay attention to? If so, then go ahead and pause with intention!

Here’s to being a smooth operator and an expert voice talent. Let your inner rhythm & flow shine!

Rachel Alena provides private voice over training for voice acting students as well as for corporate communicators across the country.

Rachel’s clients? She has narrated for: Disney, Microsoft, Delta Dental, Upworks, The Rockefeller Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Schnucks Grocery, Alliance Residential, Ashley Furniture and hundred’s more!


Feel free to reach out to Rachel directly at the email listed above
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  1. Thanks! I’m always running into problems with breath control. For some reason I hadn’t thought to plan my breaths. I think I’ll mark my scripts to get some smoother recordings in the future.

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