How do I get a talent agent? 

Here’s something that you should know.

Talent agencies want you. They need you, in fact!

Talent agencies often accept submissions from many different types of VO voice styles. What are they looking for?

1.  To fill in their roster. Most talent agencies already have a roster of talent. Certain voice role categories can be thinner than others. If you find a way to fit into this needed category, you might have a better chance of getting representation. For example, are you bi-lingual? Or, are you amazingly good at representing a cool/hip urban sound while being able to be smooth/professional when needed?

2. Talent who are stylistically relevant in today’s market. Do your homework. When was the last time you listened to your demo reel. Is it still in style? Culture changes and along with this, what’s popular in the voice acting realm ebbs and flows.

Check out voice talent who are working in the marketplace today. Do you still fit? Or, do you need to adjust your voice style to stay up with the times?

3. Talent who prove they can handle the job.  

A word of advise? PRIOR to submitting for representation:

1. Gain experience and/or coaching
2. Know what you’re doing
3. Be able to take direction
4. Provide examples of your past client list and work. Show them what you’ve done.

This is beyond having a strong commercial demo.

Do not approach an agent expecting them to show you how to do it. Hone the craft of voice acting BEFORE you seek representation so your agency feels confident that they can send you out on jobs.

Approach getting a VO talent agent the same way you would approach any other endevour where you want to win. 


Want to hit the bullseye? Know your target, get prepared. Then, let the talent agent submission hustle begin! 

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