Voice talent Rachel Alena talks about the importance of branding your business.

Do you specialize in cleaning horses or houses?

Customer: ‘Why sir? What do you do?’
Business Owner: ‘As a matter of fact, I clean things.’
Customer: ‘Most excellent! Please proceed. Clean my horse!’

House. Horse. Does it matter?
When you’re not branding yourself, it matters. You get the jobs you GET. Not necessarily the jobs you WANT.
Branding is the perception that a consumer has when they hear or think of your company name, service or product. To hit the mark with your branding, you must understand the needs of your customers. You also have to know what your own strengths are.
To brand successfully you want to:

  • Clearly, deliver your message. (I clean large HOUSES.)
  • Show that you are credible and skilled at what you do. (I’ve been cleaning large houses for 10 years. Here are examples of the great things my clients say about me!)
  • Engage your target prospects. (Give reasons that a clean house will make customers feel amazing.)
  • Motivate people to want to work with you or buy from you. (I have an excellent reputation and understand where dirt hides ESPECIALLY in large houses.)
  • Create long-term business relationships. (This is where you DELIVER the goods! Always provide excellent work & great communication. Help your clients have a better day every time they work with you!)

As a voice talent, there are many types of work you can do such as narrating commercials, audiobooks, tutorials, eLearnings, webinars, phone trees and so much more!
Do them all! That’s how you’ll become a master of your craft. Then, through experience, find where you excel and where your heart feels happy.
Become an expert at something within your wheelhouse! Give your customers the best service and knowledge in a SPECIFC area. This leads to two things:
1. More satisfying work.
2. A loyal client base. They’ll return to you over and over because they know you can deliver.
To start thinking about branding, ask yourself some questions:

  • What are my experiences?
  • Where have I spent the most time working in my field?
  • What type of work do I enjoy?
  • What am I really good at? Think back to feedback you’ve received from customers. Where have they raved about you?

Personally, if it’s a message that needs to be heard by mankind, I’m happy to share it!  No matter what the format is; be it a commercial, video game or Disney toy.
But, I’ve learned over the years that I love teaching. I’m also good at teaching. So, I specialize in eLearnings, tutorials and self-help books. In this, I’m able to use my voice acting/production skills along with my love for teaching others.
Branding isn’t just about gaining new customers. It’s also about the life of your business.
You can start by creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates your product from other products.
Then, enjoy a horseback ride…
…Just be sure to leave your sponge and bucket at home.

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Rachel Alena is an eLearning/Tutorial narration expert. She is a national voice talent who brings over 20 years of experience in voice acting to her clients and students. She has voiced hundreds of narrations for clients such as Disney, Microsoft, The Rockefeller Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Schnucks and Alliance Residential.
She also provides private voice over training for students all across the country. Her studio is located near Boulder, Colorado.
Feel free to reach out to Big Fish Talent to book Rachel & other very talented folks, as well. Big Fish Talent works with actors, spokespeople, voice talent and much more!

Rachel’s most recent audiobook narration?  Guided Meditation for Weight Loss by 30-Minute Meditations. Available here on Amazon.

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