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Student Accomplishments

Student success matters to me! 

  1. I strive to meet you where you are in your voice over journey without judgement.
  2. Together we grow skills, confidence and knowledge.
  3. We always celebrate successes! Then, return to learning and continuing growth.

Here are just a few examples of the many great accomplishments of my students…

“Rachel is hands down one of the most knowledgeable VO coaches in our industry, she truly knows how to articulate what the ART of Voice Over really means. Since working with Rachel, I have been able to book major brands like Ford and Amazon, and I attribute that to Rachel’s ability of making me a more well rounded and versatile Voice Actor. She is just as kind as she is professional, and makes our sessions FUN and personalized. I would not be the Actor I am today without her mentorship. Not many people can articulate their knowledge in a way that is unique to their student, and easy for them to understand, she is an expert in every category of this industry, and I trust her with my business, and even more, my voice!” ~Morgan Taylor MorganTaylorProductions

“THANK YOU!!! Arik and I started the final editing series in our book project today, with 3 ½ hours of intense “reading aloud” to one another and editing paragraph-by-paragraph, and often word-by-word. We acknowledged what we learned from you more than once in this first session – just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you taught us… and importantly, the gift of needing to acknowledge the importance of writing this book for the listener… just as much as the reader.” ~ Derek Johnson, CEO of Aurora WDC Aurorawdc.com

“Rachel is not only an incredible voice talent, she is THE most patient and helpful coach! I got my start from her only last year (2023!), and now I’ve narrated 10+ audiobooks, done a couple of pharmaceutical ads, landed a VO part in an indie movie, AND I just got a major character part in a horror series audio drama podcast!  I still consult with her now and again, for fresh ideas and tips. Thanks, Rachel!”
~Debrorah Kosnett

“I completed the recording of my first audiobook, which Rachel and I worked together on. Since I launched the audiobook, it’s become my top selling edition.” ~Jason Voiovich
Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and Author

“I can’t express how great a coach Rachel Alena is. She is by far the best in the business in my opinion. I have been working with her for over a year now and she has guided me on my voice acting journey from an absolute newbie with a great voice, but little training in how to use it to a working voice actor on a major television show. I am now employed as the announcer for the Mark and Tony Show, a variety/talk show, which airs on both youtube and the fox network. I couldn’t have done this without Rachel’s help.”~Henry (Hank) Russ https://www.henryruss-voiceovers.com/

“I am so excited!  I was booked this morning for my very first ever commercial gig!  I have you to thank.  It’s been quite the journey, Rachel, but your guidance got me here.  Thank you ever so much!!”~Jesse Forrest JesseSaysVoiceOver

“Since my journey began in August 2020, I have narrated over 27 audiobooks, booked several jobs for Amazon FireTV, Government of Health Services Canada along with several corporate clients.” ~Hadi Hajjar

“I was selected for video game voice pack production on YouTube. Here are three of them.” ~Shawn Campbell UndeadWizardDemon

“I’ve booked almost 250 projects since beginning my voice over journey last year, including video game trailers for “Last Day on Earth,” videos for products sold on Amazon and countless explainer videos for all sorts of different companies around the world. Here’s some of my work!” ~Tina Blane TinaBlane

“In the time since I launched my Voiceover/Voice Acting business, I have had the opportunity to work with companies such as Nissan, United Way, Kimberley-Clark, and recently had a fantastic time being cast in a radio play production for a regional theatre. I only wish I’d started this career sooner!~Rhonda Marsh

Immediately following my voice over training with Rachel Alena, I landed a spot with Cocomels. Not long after I was then selected for a Bannel ad. As a result of my training my business is flourishing!” ~Morgan Garthe TheVoicesOfMorganGarthe

“Since training with Rachel, I’ve booked multiple voice over projects in commercials, video games, audiobooks, and more. I am now a professional who can bring a script to life.”~Anita Lauren AnitaLauren

“I am writing to give you an update on how things are going here since we finished working on coaching together. My first audiobook through ACX just recently went live. I also just agreed to narrate a short children’s book with the potential to be a part of his entire series. I have also been working with a guy narrating over 20 YouTube videos (so far) for his finance channel and done a few other random YouTube narrations as well. Thank you so much for your help and guidance” ~Amanda Hansen AudioByMandy

“As a working voice actor, here’s a list of things I’ve done regularly: I am currently the voice for 2 different YouTube channels; I do regular tutorials and am the voice for ChannelReply.com; I have done over 10 audiobooks; I’m now becoming the voice of Deutche Telekom in the Netherlands.” ~Craig Levin
“Since beginning my voice acting journey, I’ve had the privilege to voice jobs for Zola Suite, legal practice management software and the Waltham Fertility Clinic in Boston, Ma.” ~Theresa Joseph
“I got the spot (national ad)!!!! Thanks for all your help with the audition; you are invaluable.”~Hannah Dere
“Singing your praises! I just want to say that I am getting so much VO work in the past 30 days, and I kinda think it’s because of your coaching which has struck a chord with me.  Thanks so much.” ~Lori Cooper
“I recently voiced a commercial for Carillon at Belleview Station on Jill Lorentz’ Dementia Resilience Podcast, being heard by listeners in all 50 states! Rachel guided me through what to expect during this “in-studio” recording with the podcaster providing live direction. The whole process was a blast!”~Justin Raaf
“Happy to “take the plunge” with you and thank you for the incredible teaching!” ~Joseph Ewing
“Thanks to Rachel’s awesome coaching I auditioned for and got the role to be the voice of a Cutter and Buck commercial. She really helped me find my voice and confidence to go after these bigger types of projects and it paid off! ~Alex LagaseD

Testimonials (continued from Home Page)

“Thanks again for your excellent coaching and for helping me create a demo. It’s truly been a life-changing experience working with you. This was an incredibly positive experience!”~Collin Westerfield

“Rachel is highly accomplished, incredibly kind, and a fantastic voice over coach. She tailored each class to my unique individual goals and she provides clear feedback and guidance that yields results. The difference between my first lesson and last lesson was remarkable and I can’t thank Rachel enough for sharing such great insights and for providing such excellent mentorship. She has helped me have a confident voice not only in the voice over industry, but also in my own daily life.” ~Callie Puntenney

“I really enjoyed our class together. I learned more from you in an hour, then almost a year with my last coach.”~Stephen Rally

“OMG, I love my demo! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to post it to my site”~Matt Kiczenski

“Rachel gets right to what you need quickly. She targeted that I need to work on character development, vocal range and traits, and consistency. The night after our first lesson, I recorded a small paid VO job-a promo for an audiobook. My client responded that they were thrilled with the improvements they noted in my differentiation of characters. After one lesson!!!!”~Lori Cooper

“I also want to reiterate my thanks for doing sound testing with me before my first live directed session! The client was happy, or at least they have not killed my character in the audio-drama yet. I have since done another live session—in English—using in-ear direction via Zoom, and it went very smoothly!”~Gwen Steel

“Wow this sounds amazing! Is that really me?? ” (After hearing his demo reel) ~Jin Hong

“It’s been amazing working with you! You’re one of the coolest people I’ve met in the voice over industry, and your coaching has definitely helped me along the way. I’m very grateful for the privilege to have had you as my coach.” ~Anita Lauren

“Working with Rachel opened an exciting new world for me! Her coaching set me on a path to success in a wide range of voice over work including commercials, audiobooks, eLearning, corporate trainings and more. Not only was she a terrific voice coach, she fielded my many questions regarding the voice over business as well. So glad I chose Rachel!”~Kate Elliott

“Thank you so much for the great demo, it sounds awesome. My kids didn’t even believe that was my voice!”~Curtis Howe
“Thanks so much for your hard work on my demo. I have truly enjoyed working with you. Your coaching and direction have been invaluable to me as I work to establish my own voice.~Tawnya Rollingson
“I played the previous version of the demo that you sent for my daughter and she couldn’t quite believe the progress.  I told her that you are a great director and coach!” ~Cheryl Clark
“Receiving the much needed coaching with Rachel Alena has given me the confidence and skills to go after different voice over projects. I just completed my first animation and have had the opportunity of working with a team from Pakistan. The coaching has allowed me to help bring clients vision and script to sound. Also her techniques gave me the skill to take on roles for both male and female and transition over easily.” ~Tasha Boyd

“I love my demo! Thank you so much. This came out great and I can absolutely hear your directions in my head as I listen. I can’t wait to get it uploaded onto my profile and start building my brand!~Brett Vannier

“You are such an outstanding VO coach/mentor!” ~Laura Lorena
“Just a quick note to thank you for your amazing coaching, support, etc. as I venture into the world of voice acting. You are a wonderful coach and teacher. I appreciate your patience and your amazing coaching.  Looking forward to the finalized demo and the animation demo.” ~Lonnie Somers
“Oh my goodness, my demo sounds amazing! I love it! Thank you so much! ” ~Caylee Kittles

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