Voice Talent, Voice Over Coach & Business Voice Trainer

It’s been my privilege to work as a voice talent for more than 20 years.

I’ve been able to narrate for top corporations, coach talented individuals in the voice over business and train people to use their voice for business and personal success. 

As such, I’ve had the pleasure of voicing long-term projects for many clients.  Examples include: Microsoft, Alliance Residential, Ashley Furniture and Delta Dental, to name a few. Also, I’ve enjoyed voicing many different types of narrations.

Below are a few video samples of my work. For more please visit my YouTube page!

Voice Talent

I’ve recorded thousands of voice overs. For example, commercials, elearning, tutorials, animations, children’s toys and audiobooks. As a result, my voice is heard on narrations for well known companies, such as Microsoft, Disney, Old Navy, Delta Dental, P&G, T-Mobile, GAP, Uber, and many more. As such, voice acting is my passion. So, I’m looking forward to working with you on your next project, as well!

Voice Over Coach

I love voice acting. Because of this, I want to help you fall in love with it, too. It’s a privilege to work with students and to help you achieve your voice over goals. That being said, many coaching clients are referrals from existing students, Big Fish Talent Agency or Voices.com. I coach ‘newbies’, to seasoned talent, to anyone in-between. In addition, we focus on you as an individual and develop your coaching plan accordingly. 

Business Voice Trainer 

When used properly in business, your ability to communicate with others is a powerful tool, of course. That’s why, together, we develop a personalized coaching plan, taking into account your individual experiences along with your desired outcome and goals. Then, I’ll help you improve your communication for success. Of course, you will also gain a deeper understanding of the power of great communication.  

“Thank you for your heart and the gifts you bring to the industry.”~Stephanie Ciccarelli, Co-Founder, Voices.com

My Clients Speak:

Pretty excited about being in the top 10 of ‘favorited’ voices actresses on Voices.com. I’ve busted my a** since July to get here! I worked with an amazing vocal coach (thanks Rachel Alena!!) who encouraged me. Spent about $400 on equipment and started auditioning.”
Kristen Paige

“I just wanted to touch base and say that I got really busy after our first session together. Best of all, right before I left town I got a job, then I returned home from LA and got 3 more jobs in 2 days! Then, another one today! That’s 5 jobs. It’s crazy! Obviously, your one hour with me paid off!”
Sonia Kallen

Thank you for the coaching and the demo production… but even more so, thank you for giving me the confidence to pursue this.  If not for your encouragement, I don’t think I would have had the guts to try this profession I already find so rewarding….Aside from the audiobook coming out, I have two books and two novellas in production.  I expect to be busy for quite awhile.”
Dan Jones

Thank you for everything! I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Mylo Carbia, “The Queen of Horror”#1 Bestselling Author & Screenwriter

Before working with Rachel, I had zero experience in Voice Over work– and to be honest, it showed. Rachel taught me everything I know about the industry. I learned about voice anatomy, voice care, voice exercises, recording equipment and software, how to set up my home studio, talent agencies, remote/online working opportunities, and all the nitty gritty voice details that make a Voice Over Talent stand out and hirable. Shortly after creating my Voice Over demos with Rachel, I got picked up for representation by a talent agency. She is just as talented of a teacher as she is a Voice Over Artist. Rachel helped me reach my Voice Over goals and beyond!”
Molly Arenberg

And, More Testimonials:

“This is a long overdue “thank you” for the terrific voiceover work you’ve done for us. Over the past 10 years we’ve used dozens of voiceover artists and we keep coming back to you, especially when we need that special something in the narration.Besides being the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with, you are among the best of the best when it comes to bringing a script to life. Most voiceover artists read the script; you interpret it in a way that makes it human and real. And your files are always clean, on time (well, actually usually ahead of deadline) and a cut above. Thanks for helping us create great training programs for our clients. It’s a team effort, and your contribution is a big reason our clients keep coming back. All the best in the coming year and we hope to have the good fortune of working with you many times next year and for years to come.”
Tom Brooksher, Zipline Performance Group

“Harper just turned 11 yrs old and Rachel has been working with him for over a year. He is an actor and voice over talent in Los Angeles and Denver.  She has been hands-down the best voice over coach we have worked with. She has given him useful techniques to get the most out of his voice and has helped him understand how to use his diaphragm. When he gets big auditions from major studios, she is always the one we ask for help. From coaching him to speak clearly to helping him create character voices, she does it all. I highly recommend Rachel”
Tara Frawley (mom of Harper)

And, More Testimonials:

“It’s pretty exciting to be able to email you and let you know my studio is set up. I’ve been watching videos on editing, recording and working with the files in audacity and generally feeling like a kid in a candy store with this new thing. What a blast. Yippee! Thanks for all assistance you’ve been!
Scott Michell

“Thank you for everything! I really like the demo reel you produced for me. Your mentoring and guidance has been tremendously helpful.
Dane Seldin

“Thank you so much for everything! It has been a real pleasure working with and learning from you. You are an amazing woman and talent; and I am grateful to have had this opportunity.”
Lindy Steece

“Thank you!!  You do such a great job!  You have so much guidance and knowledge to share.”
Emily Rushing, Big Fish Talent, Denver Colorado

And, More Testimonials:

Rachel Alena has been my go-to source for voice-over talent for many of my video productions. We have found her work to be professional, timely and competitively priced. We have had nothing but positive remarks about her voice work in our videos.”
Brian Patrick; On-Site Media

The recordings sound excellent! Thanks so much for your great work.”
RJ Winkler; The Procter & Gamble Company

“What a fantastic job you did! You were so amazingly prepared, gifted, and sooooo easy to work with!” Steven Appel; Director of Communications at Community Bible Study

And, More Testimonials:

“I can’t thank you enough for representing us in such a positive way. I spoke with the production company this morning and they raved about you!”
Emily Rushing; Big Fish Talent

“I hired Rachel to improve my speaking skills for presentations and voice over for videos. She zeroed in on my shortcomings without a lot of overhead. Focused and to the point. She provided me with techniques and exercises to improve my speaking…and explained why and how they work… not just what to do. I appreciated that. In two weeks with her help, I improved my speaking from average to excellent, by just following her recommendations. Also, she is easy to work with and a genuinely pleasant person. Businesslike and personable at the same time. I have additional presentations for which I will use Rachel to coach me. I am glad I engaged her and consider her a part of my team. Bottom line… Rachel is an outstanding coach whom I recommend without reservation.”
Jerry Perrich, PhD, Website Owners Association

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Secrets of great verbal communication.
Great communication is an art form. This includes, among other things, paralinguistics. Indeed, I’m talking about the study of vocal, and sometimes non-vocal, signals. In turn, these signals go beyond the basic verbal message or speech. It’s the way in which things are said, in fact. Because things like, tone, pitch, cadence and even volume matter. We may not be aware of it, but we hear these things. And, they effect how we view the speaker. This provides us with some excellent news. In fact, because the voice is trainable we are able to improve our paralinguistics. And, in turn, our ability to communicate improves.
Non-verbal communication matters, too.
In addition, it’s often things that are not said, but are communicated in other ways that make a difference. This includes elements such as body language, gestures and facial expressions. These are vastly important in communication, as well. But, are often disregarded. As such, even from behind a microphone these non-verbal cues can be felt and heard by the listener. In fact, they matter. For example, a narrator is having a bad day. In fact, she’s in a negative mood and isn’t very happy. At the moment, though, she is recording. Because of this, she is trying to sound cheerful. However, her shoulders are slumped over and she has a frown on her face. In this instance, what do you think the listener hears? Or, as we look further, what does the listener….feel? In addition, we never just want to read material. Instead, we want to communicate it. To do this, another important element is knowing the ‘why.’ In other words, understanding your content. Also, be aware of whom you are speaking to. Because knowing who you are speaking to is important. And, the meaning of your message is essential to creating connection. All of this, and more, is what distinguishes a great voice actor from just a voice talent.
Communication in business.
As such, the same can be said for business voice mastery. Of course, the way in which people perceive us is essential in business. In fact, it can be the difference between winning or losing a promotion, obtaining clients and your ability to create sales. Because of this, one of the most important elements is having an awareness of how to make a connection with others. Relatability is essential because we all want to be heard and understood, too.
Happy to help!
As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’m passionate about using my voice. And, as mentioned earlier, I love what I do! Because of this, I look forward to everyday. To me, this makes it exciting to see what narration work will come. Or, who I will be coaching. Along with this, is the element of wonder in how I can best help those around me to find and use their voice. Of course, I’m also happy to help you develop your passion. Along with a skill set or ‘tool kit’ for excellent communication, as well. That being said, I’m looking forward to working together. And, to helping you find your voice. Thanks, again, for visiting my website. I’m hopeful it provided you with useful information, too. That being said, if I can be helpful in the future, please reach out. With that, here’s to wishing you lots of wonderful chatter. And, of course, many great things to talk about. https://www.voices.co