This is the story of Cinderella. She came from a faraway land. She was my niece, or was she my brother’s daughter? Actually, when I narrated a children’s toy for Disney of Cinderella, I decided I was Cinderella’s aunt. I thought to myself ‘having a perspective is really going to bring this story to life”. 

If I just narrated it as a normal narrator, I’d pick up the book, read it, tell the story, but not understand the details of cinderella’s life before, when she was a little tiny girl and I cared about her mother and knew her. Then I could really tell about that evil stepmother and understand the perspective. Every narration should have a perspective. Ai is not going to have that perspective and that is where we, as voice actors, can thrive. We want to bring perspective to our narrations, and if we do that well, oh my, we will have quite a tale to tell!

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