About Being An Audiobook Narrator

As a voice acting coach, I’m often asked the following question. How is being an audiobook narrator different from other types of voice over work?
To answer this question, we need to think about the goal of the writer. Depending on the type of job you are doing, as a voice actor, the goal is often to sell a product or service. Or, it can be to train and educate people. However, the craft of being an audiobook narrator is different than either of those. As a book narrator you are helping to shape the STORY being told by the book’s author. Sometimes it may even feel like you are an extension of the writer themselves.

In audiobook voice over narration the voice talent must:

  • Transform written text into something listeners will not only enjoy, but get lost in.
  • Be able to bring words to life. Multiple characters, changing story lines, varying moods.
  • Understand perspectives. Be able to convey the differences between them.
  • Use breath control!  Long stories?  Many hours of using the voice can take its toll. Voice acting training can help with this.
  • Master time management skills. A 30 chapter book can’t be read all in one week! Want to meet the publisher’s deadlines? The voice talent must plan accordingly.
  • Most importantly! Tell the story as the author intended. After all, you are the messenger of the writer’s point of view.

With 20+ yrs of experience, female voice over talent Rachel Alena is currently an audiobook narrator for Momosa Publishing. She also provides voice over training in her Louisville area Denver voice over studio. For more information, visit /voice-acting-training/. She’ll help you find your voice!

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  1. For sure. Being a voice actor is hard work with a lot of auditioning. If you’re in school, it’s probably extra hard to find the time. Thanks for the comment!

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