VOICES.COM Mission Audition featuring Rachel Alena

Screenshot of voices.com podcast

Another Voices.com webinar featuring voice over coach and expert voice talent Rachel Alena! As an expert in eLearning voice over, Rachel and the Voices.com team evaluate talent and provide feedback. Hear what the clients hear in this Voices.com webinar!

Podcast with Wendy Vaughan & Rachel Alena

Voiceover coach, Voiceover expert, Voice Talent

Join business expert Wendy Vaughan in this podcast about how to grow a voice over business with voice talent Rachel Alena! Wendy and Rachel dive into the voice over industry and how to overcome adversity to achieve voice over success.

Podcast with Matt Sodnicar & Rachel Alena

Podcast Voice Talent Rachel Alena

In this podcast Matt Sodnicar and voice over coach Rachel Alena break down voice over do’s and don’ts. Voice talent Rachel Alena provides characters and voices as examples of voice over acting technique.