Good voice actors don’t just read words. They strive to reach out and touch the audience!

As a voice acting coach, I’m often asked…what makes a narration pop?

My answer?

Listen up voice actors…it’s all about connection!

Connect to just one person who feels like you are talking to them. If you can accomplish this, then you’ve done your job.
To help with this, familiarize yourself with the script BEFORE you start. To do this:

  • Read through the copy
  • Speak it out loud
  • Understand what you are saying
  • Ask the writer or director for more information about the back-story of the script
  • Understand who your audience is and who you are speaking to
  • Relax! The more comfortable you are, the better your recording will sound
  • Be likeable, personable and friendly
  • Annunciate. Sound clear and concise

It’s really important that voice actors understand the ‘what and why’ of the material they are reading. Without this, the necessary connection between the voice talent and the listener is lost. And, just think of how sad that would be! That important message, or story, or concept, or thing, or feeling that the person on the other end of the microphone needs to hear may be lost. An opportunity missed!
So, the next time you pick up a script and start to read…take a pause. Then, start again. This time, though, really think…about WHAT you are saying and WHO you’re talking to….
…Go ahead. Make a connection!

Rachel Alena, a national voice talent, brings 20 years of experience in voice acting to her students. She has voiced hundreds of narrations for clients such as Disney, Microsoft, The Rockefeller Foundation, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Schnucks, Uber and Alliance Residential. She also provides private voice over training for students all across the country. Her studio is located near Boulder, Colorado.

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