Voice over coach Rachel Alena and Boulder Writing Studio Present….

Voice Over Boot Camp (click here to sign up!)

Find your voice! Voice over training to learn the essentials of the voice-over industry in this 4-week immersion with professional voice acting coach and national voice talent Rachel Alena.

Designed for absolute beginners and those looking to improve their skills, this hands-on intensive explores the business of the voice acting world and the skills necessary for a successful voice acting career. Participants will leave with a solid working knowledge of the voice over industry, their own vocal talent, and the basics of setting up a home studio.

When: Saturdays 10:00am-12:30pm, April 8–April 29

Cost: 4 sessions $480



Session One: Essentials of Voice Acting

You’ll learn:
•    The key to connecting with the audience
•    How to analyze a script to make it pop
•    What casting directors are looking for in a voice talent
•    How the voice acting industry works
•    Minimum requirements for long term success in the industry

You’ll practice:
•    Copy reading techniques
•    Fun, interactive script reading

Session Two: Voice Care & Commercial Voice Over Immersion

You’ll learn:
•    How the voice mechanism works and how to care for it
•    The different types of timing in voice acting
•    The importance of vocal rhythm and variation in narration
•    The business of radio, television, and web-spot voice acting
You’ll practice:
•    Breathing techniques essential for successful voice acting
•    Articulation exercises
•    Group analysis and reading of commercial script copy
•    Skill development of voicing commercial type copy
•    Starting to find your “money voice”
•    Microphone techniques

Session Three: Industrial Voice Over Immersion

You’ll learn:
•    The high-growth business of industrial voice over: voice acting for e-learning, tutorials & professional training materials
•    Who hires industrial voice talent and how much you can realistically get paid
•    Recording software and studio set up basics
You’ll practice:
•    Group script reading of industrial types of copy
•    Continued development of narration skills: script analysis, narration rhythm & vocal variation
•    Fine-tuning your ‘money voice’
•    Your first session in a client’s studio: what to expect & what’s expected

Session Four: Audiobook Narration

You’ll learn:
•    What audiobook writers and producers expect
•    Basic development of characters for animation, video games & audiobook narration
•    Time management
•    Where audiobook narration work is found
•    How the audiobook industry works
You’ll practice:
•    Storytelling skills for successful audiobook narration
•    Character development techniques
•    Audiobook narration timing
•    Review the importance of breath work
•    How to prepare for audiobook narration

Rachel Alena, a national voice talent, brings 20 years of experience in voice acting to her students. She has voiced hundreds of narrations for clients such as  The Rockefeller Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Momosa Publishing. She also provides private voice over training in her studio located near Denver, Colorado.

2 Responses

  1. Rachael, Thanks foe the reply, impressive stuff. Your boot camp sounds like a very worthwhile expenditure of time. Will there be more. Specifically what I am looking for now is help and guidance with making a demo(s). do you do that or can you recommend someone locally ? I have vetted all of the online folks that do that but would prefer to deal with someone locally if that is an option>
    Thanks again, DJP

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for the message!
      I think I just replied to an email from you, but, I wanted to answer your question regarding demo production and workshops.
      I don’t have another workshop scheduled until (tentatively) September 23 at the Boulder Writing Studio. It will be specifically for audiobook narration, so I’m not sure if that’s your interest? I’ll also provide another introductory workshop at Big Fish Talent in Denver some time in the Fall.
      Sure! I’m happy to help with demo production and things like narration coaching, script writing and the actual recording/editing of your demo.
      Thanks again for reaching out and looking forward to chatting with you soon.

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