You’re a new voice talent.

A client called. They want YOU to narrate as a voice talent for them! The catch? It’s in their studio.

What do producers expect from voice over talent?

Here are a few tips to help you look like a pro…

  • Show up with the script in hand. I’ve been on client jobs where they don’t have copies of the script readily available for the voice talent! Often, your client or agency will send you the script in advance. Always bring a copy with you. If the client has changed the script once you get there, they’ll let you know. Otherwise, you have your own copy with all of your prep notes on it to work with.
  • Practice BEFORE you get there. Don’t just familiarize yourself with the script. If you are lucky enough to have the script before the session begins, practice it! Mark it up with notes, such as word emphasis, that will help you narrate more smoothly on cue.
  • You are just a piece in their puzzle. Sorry to say it, but that’s right! The production your client is working on is bigger than you. Beyond working with voice talent, the producer needs to edit/write scripts, convey the entire client message, work with the client, add music and produce a video or communications piece. That’s a big job. So, be respectful and understanding of all that is going on beyond your role.
  • Keep a pencil handy. You will almost always receive direction from your client and/or the production staff on changes in the script, or tone, etc. You’ll need to write it down. As simple as it is, a pencil is a standard item in a voice talent’s tool kit.
  • Quiet clothing wins. Don’t wear clothing that could potentially make noise while recording. For example, vests that can be scratchy, earrings or necklaces that jingle or keys that may rattle.

Rachel Alena is a voice acting coach and voice talent based out of Colorado who teaches and narrates nationwide. She has been the voice talent hundreds of projects for companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Old Navy, Disney, T-Mobil and has been a voice talent for 20+ years.

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