Before working with Rachel, I had zero experience in Voice Over work– and to be honest, it showed. Rachel taught me everything I know about the industry. I learned about voice anatomy, voice care, voice exercises, recording equipment and software, how to set up my home studio, talent agencies, remote/online working opportunities, and all the nitty gritty voice details that make a Voice Over Talent stand out and hirable. Shortly after creating my Voice Over demos with Rachel, I got picked up for representation by a talent agency. She is just as talented of a teacher as she is a Voice Over Artist. Rachel helped me reach my Voice Over goals and beyond!” ~Molly Arenberg




Rachel provides private coaching out of her studio, Big Bite Studio. She’s available to help you find your voice, get into the world of voice-over work or just improve on your already established voice-over career. As your coach, Rachel’s goal is to prepare you to be in the real world as a voice talent.


-Understanding your voice. The first thing we do is discuss your interests and goals. Then, we take a listen to how your voice sounds recorded and work to determine which types of voicing are most comfortable for you.

-Individual training. This includes mic placement techniques, timing for different styles of reads, providing information about expectations from producers and giving you practice scripts.

-Studio Immersion. Once we understand more about your voice and we have practiced reading copy that interest you and fits your voice, we will practice and record. This is to provide you with real-world experience. As your coach, Rachel provides pre-chosen scripts that fit your voice and style to build your confidence and experience.

-Demo production. Your audio resume! This piece is essential to working as a voice over talent. Rachel chooses your best  recorded material from the sessions and combines them to create two separate demos. A commercial and narrative demo. They will be edited and combined with other sound elements such as music for your use. Two demos will be created since commercial work is only a small portion of the types of voice jobs you can do. There are also jobs narrating, voicing trainings, audiobooks, tutorials, and other types of work.

-Studio set up help. While all home studios are different, Rachel is available to help provide ideas/suggestions about how to set up your own recording studio.